Monday 23 October 2017

Monae: I wear my tux on days off

Janelle Monae likes a sharply tailored suit
Janelle Monae likes a sharply tailored suit

Janelle Monae has revealed how her trademark tuxedo look was inspired by her mum and dad.

The immaculately-dressed, quiff-haired singer sees the distinctive bow tie and sharp suit combo as her "superhero uniform" - both on and off stage.

"When I'm working and performing, and even on my days off, this is how I like to look," the Kansas-born artist revealed.

"The tuxedo is a homage to my mother, who was a janitor, and my father, who drove trash trucks, and how they put on a uniform every day and turned something into nothing.

"It's like a retro-futuristic thing. I don't want people to look at my photos when I'm gone and think I belong to a certain time."

Grammy-nominated Janelle, who's been championed by P Diddy, said she worked hard to reach the dizzy heights of fame.

"I worked as a maid for a while before I went to the American Musical And Dramatic Academy in New York. Term started in October, so that summer I was scrubbing floors and walls because that's the only job I could find," the 24-year-old added.

"I haven't been back home in a while, but I do encourage my family to come and live with me. My family love and support me, and I love them back.

"I have a lot of cousins, like 50. My mum had eight sisters and two brothers, so there's a lot of kids."

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