Wednesday 18 October 2017

Michael Phelps finally reveals the songs that preceded his superhuman Olympic performances

Michael Phelps routinely wears headphones before he swims but is it disrespectful to cheering onlookers?
Michael Phelps routinely wears headphones before he swims but is it disrespectful to cheering onlookers?

Jennifer Wilson

Much like the power of his stroke, Michael Phelps’ pre-race routine is just as indispensable a tool in attributing to his record-breaking victories.

Prior to races, a pumped-up Phelps bounces around the dressing room erratically like Jake LaMotta awaiting his turn in the ring. His mirrored goggles deflect the beaming light, cancelling out everything that is not directly related to the pool.

Most notable of all is his infamous headphone set, which charges him with the rhythm and drive needed to repeatedly take home those golds.

“I have walked out to race with my headphones on throughout my whole career and listen to music until the last possible moment,” Phelps first told the Guardian over eleven years ago.

In a more recent interview however with NBC, he has finally revealed that Eminem and EDM veterans Skrillex and Steve Aoki are the tunes of choice that dominate his pre-match zone.

Eminem is a staple artist, renowned as one of the most listened to be Olympic Athletes.

For the first time, Phelps has finally revealed the playlist that precedes his superhuman performance.

Before his winning relay race on Saturday he pressed play on Skrillex's remix of Nero's ‘Promises’ and Aoki and Afrojack's ‘No Beef.’

Phelps’s extraordinary anatomical advantage, where he boasts a longer wingspan than his height and his excessive training routine are standalone competitive advantages.

However as Phelps admits himself, his headphones and the beats inside add immensely to the magic of his performance.

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