Wednesday 28 June 2017

Europe won't get the joke: Shay Healy

WINNING Eurovision song-writer Shay Healy would rather Ireland "sent a good singer to the song contest than all the gimmicks in the world".

The writer of 'What's Another Year?', sung by Johnny Logan in 1980, believes that fellow 'X Factor' Irish finalist Rebecca Creighton has been drafted in to bolster Jedward's vocals on the night.

"We all know Jedward can't sing, so Rebecca will be doing the singing and the lads the running around.

"We will all have a good time laughing at them but frankly I don't think Europe will get the joke," Shay said.

Asked if it mattered if Jedward sang in tune, the veteran composer said it was.

"Definitely it matters. Ireland's entry last year, Niamh Kavanagh, got most of her points for her singing the song she sang.

"I think with Jedward they will be up there on that huge stage and there will be nowhere to hide."

Irish Independent

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