Monday 21 August 2017

‘Dublin, I’m coming home!’ Brian McFadden announces his first Irish tour in ten years

Brian McFadden shared his new album artwork
Brian McFadden shared his new album artwork Newsdesk Newsdesk

Former Westlife star Brian McFadden has announced details of his musical comeback and told his Irish fans he’s “coming home” to stage a series of gigs in Dublin.

The singer revealed that he will be releasing a new single and scheduling concerts in his hometown for the first time in more than ten years.

“Exciting news coming in next week about new single and shows in London and for the first time in 10 years... Dublin,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I’m coming home.”

The singer also teased fans with some album artwork taken during a recent photoshoot which he shared on Instagram.

“A sneak peak from today’s photoshoot. Taken from a computer screen,” he said.

It’s been a rocky summer for the singer, who split with his wife Vogue Williams in June.

Speaking of the split, Vogue admitted that she was finding it very difficult to cope with their new situation, even though the pair remain friends.

“I didn’t get married to get divorced. You know what? I’m not in a great place.

“I find every day is quite stressful, every day I’m upset, you just have to move forward with life,” she said speaking to The Irish Sun.

“He wasn’t with anyone else, I wasn’t with anyone else, it was nothing to do with that. That’s why we find it easier to be friends maybe," she said.

A sneak peak from today's single photoshoot. Taken from a computer screen

A photo posted by brianmcfadden (@brianmcfadden123) on

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