Friday 24 March 2017

Compelling lyrics that shine

Coming of age: Foster the People
Coming of age: Foster the People

foster the people



The Californian trio had an old-fashioned word-of-mouth hit with the giddy Pumped Up Kicks and the ensuing album, Torches, suggesting their knack for super-catchy pop songs was no one-off.

This follow-up album is slightly weaker, but there are half-a-dozen bona fide standouts that make up for the failed experimentalism elsewhere.

Chief among the high points is Best Friend, an electro-pop marvel bound to ensnare anyone with a heartbeat, while Fire Escape is a sophisticated ballad that allows Mark Foster's rather limited vocals to shine.

The band find themselves on less sure ground with songs like stuttering opener Are You What You Want to Be which attempts to embrace world music, a la Vampire Weekend.

Still, Foster's lyrics are more worthy of attention than many of his contemporaries and there's plenty of darkness amid the light, not least on the compelling Coming of Age – a track that has 'grower' written all over it.

Best Friend; Fire Escape

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