Wednesday 18 October 2017

Beyonce 'tribal' photos criticised

Beyonce appeared in an African-inspired photo shoot
Beyonce appeared in an African-inspired photo shoot

Beyonce has been criticised after appearing in a photo shoot daubed with brown face paint.

The Crazy In Love singer - who was recently photographed looking fairer than usual - is now under fire for a tribal-inspired look in French publication L'Officiel Paris.

In one picture Beyonce is seen wearing dark make-up and bright stripes on her cheeks, while in others she is photographed in striking headdresses and vibrant African-inspired jewellery and gowns.

The fashion magazine has defended the images, saying the star was "paying homage to African queens" and claiming the make-up was inspired by African rituals where paint was used on the face.

But a number of commentators have attacked the photo shoot.

Writing in the Atlanta Post, Charing Ball said: "What the heck was Beyonce thinking when she decided to do a fashion editorial in blackface?"

She added: "Blackface is not fashion forward or edgy and in my opinion, it is just flat out offensive."

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