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Music: The Doors - When You're Strange *


Published 02/07/2010 | 05:00

My colleague, Paul Whitington, is unimpressed with the documentary film of the same name (see review, page 13) and I'm similarly unmoved by its soundtrack.

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There's nothing here to change my mind that The Doors just might be the most over-rated band of all time. Sure, the music is very much of its time -- emblematic of the drug-fuelled, hazy, anything goes mentality of the late 60s -- but it just doesn't stand up to scrutiny. For evidence, just listen to Riders of the Storm with fresh ears -- it's comically overblown, like so much of their oeuvre.

The music, a mix of well-known and rarer songs, is intercut with Johnny Depp reading Jim Morrison's poetry. A fine actor Depp may be, but even he is unable to elevate Morrison's profundity-seeking verse above the mundane.

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