Tuesday 22 August 2017

Music: Sting * * *

Symphonicities (Decca)

On paper, it reads like another Sting vanity project: get the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra to retool versions of your Police and solo songs.

Yet, Symphonicities emerges as a fascinating project, which takes some of his best known songs -- as well as one or two surprises -- into a whole new realm.

The reworkings are best when the orchestra shows a deft touch -- Roxanne and Englishman in New York, in particular, sound revitalised thanks to clever use of clarinet and cello.

This project does feel over-cooked in places, however, and not least when the full might of the instruments is unleashed.

Definitely one for the serious Sting fan, and his forthcoming O2 show -- with the orchestra in tow -- is likely to be even better.

Burn it: Roxanne; Englishman in New York

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