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Thursday 30 March 2017

'Wall Street' sequel hits Cannes festival

Celia Paul in Cannes

DIRECTOR Oliver Stone yesterday described his sequel to 'Wall Street' as a film about family and betrayal.

'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' sees Michael Douglas return to his Oscar-winning role as corporate raider Gordon Gekko.

The movie follows Gekko (played by Michael Douglas, seen above with other cast members Josh Brolin Fran Langela, Carey Mulligan, Stone and Shia LaBeouf) as he tries to repair his relationship with his daughter Winnie, and attempts to rebuild his career after a spell in prison.

Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday, Stone said the moral ambiguity of the main characters was central to the film. "This is a story about family; this is a story about people who are balancing their love of power and money with their need for love, and that is really what it comes down to," he said.

"Every single one of the fine actors in this betrays each other at some point in this movie; even Carey, who's often called the moral centre."

Stone said he was happy the film was screening out of competition at the festival, describing such competitions as an "addiction".

He said: "I think it's a dangerous attraction; an addiction. I think people go crazy because of it.

"We all like competition, and it's good but we all compete by making movies."

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