Sunday 22 October 2017

Video: Vanessa Hudgens on her pole-dancing scene

ACTRESS Vanessa Hudgens has spoken about her pole-dancing scene as a prostitute in new film ‘The Frozen Ground’.

A far cry from the 'High School Musical' days, Ms Hudgens admitted the scene was daunting

"It's nerve-wrecking, all you got to do is just go for it,” she said. 

"Me and the director didn't actually talk about it until right before it happened. It's not supposed to be glamorous or professional".

The 24-year-old, who plays a prostitute attacked by a serial killer, performs a pole dance in a strip club in one scene

"My character takes a hit of something really strong, right before she does it - so it's meant to be clumsy and raw and it feels that way".

Actress Vanessa Hudgens poses at the UK Premiere of
Actress Vanessa Hudgens poses at the UK Premiere of "The Frozen Ground" at Leicester Square in London

Hudgens’ nose is likely to be a bit raw from shooting - after substituting powered milk for cocaine on set.

Nicholas Cage - who plays the cop who believes her story - has nothing but praise for the young actor.

"You're going to be blown away by her performance in this movie, I mean she’s outstanding", he says.

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