Sunday 20 April 2014

Top Ten Romantic Movies

The Graduate - 1967

'Elaine! Elaine! Elaine!' It's the interrupted wedding scene to end them all. Dustin Hoffman's screams to bride Katharine Ross are racked with a desperation that borders on mania. And it's not just romantic - it's deep. The lost dream of the late 1960s, the battle of cynical middle-age against youthful idealism, the timeless appeal of a bright red Alfa Spider - all are bound up in this peerless finale to a lyrical and life-affirming film. 'It's too late,' smiles her mother, Mrs Robinson. 'Not for me,' says Elaine. Exit the lovers on an unforgettable bus-ride to ambiguity.

Simon and Garfunkel singing 'Are you going to Scarborough Fair?'