Thursday 21 September 2017

Tarantino: 3-D Kill Bill on cards?

Quentin Tarantino says there could be a 3-D Kill Bill
Quentin Tarantino says there could be a 3-D Kill Bill

Quentin Tarantino has revealed Kill Bill 3-D could be on the cards.

The director, writer and actor, who has long spoken of his plans to make a third instalment to his hit martial arts movies starring Uma Thurman, revealed that he would love to put a 3-D spin on the film.

Tarantino said: "If I had the right story - for instance if I was doing Kill Bill all over again I'd be tempted to do it in 3-D, at least Volume I."

And the Reservoir Dogs legend insisted he had been toying with the idea of 3-D long before James Cameron's Avatar proved it could be so successful.

He said: "I was thinking 3-D after I saw House Of Wax, I was thinking 3-D after I saw Friday The 13th 3-D, I've always liked 3-D - and let's put this in perspective, Robert Rodriguez was the first person with Spy Kids 3-D to actually bring 3-D back in a big way.

"And I remember thinking 'Oh wow Robert's done a 3-D movie - now he can teach me how to do one.'"

Daryl Hannah recently revealed she would like to return as blind assassin Elle Driver in a third Kill Bill movie, even if it was animated, and Tarantino would be keen to write her a part.

He said: "I didn't kill her so as far we know Elle Driver is still in the Kill Bill universe waiting to get her revenge. I don't know yet. I haven't let myself go there yet, but she is in the world out there so that could happen."

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