Saturday 19 August 2017

WATCH: Creepy trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's new film 'The Visit'

The Visit
The Visit
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

You may never look at your grandparents the same way again...

M Night Shyamalan, the man who brought us The Sixth Sense, has written and directed a new horror, The Visit, and it looks pretty darn creepy.

Two children (Ed OxenBould and Olivia DeJonge) go to stay with their grandparents for a few days. Grandpa (Peter McRobbie) advises them not to come out of their rooms after bedtime at 9.30pm and it soon becomes apparent why. 

All is not well, it seems, with grandma (Deanna Dunagan).  Or grandpa for that matter.

Kathryn Hahn plays the kids' mother, who fails to take their increasingly desperate Skype pleas for help seriously.

The film releases on September 11. Check out the trailer here:

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