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Russell Crowe almost became a Scientologist thanks to a discussion with Tom Cruise

Jenn Selby

Published 24/04/2015 | 07:57

Russell Crowe also stars in his directorial debut 'The Water Diviner', loosely based on a true story
Russell Crowe also stars in his directorial debut 'The Water Diviner', loosely based on a true story
Star man: Russell Crowe in The Water Diviner

Russell Brand claims he was deemed too daft to join the cult of Scientology, a religion created by science fiction writer L R Hubbard, when he asked Rock of Ages co-star Tom Cruise for an in.

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Russell Crowe, however, claims he was given something of a green light by the actor, whom he met when Cruise was married to his Australian friend Nicole Kidman.

“From a young kid, I was quite interested in religion,” Crowe told People magazine.

“We were spending a bit of time together so I thought I’d find out a little bit about what he was into.”

“I found a video in the video store about Scientology and I watched it,” he continued. “It wasn’t that informative.

“But I brought it up with Tom and I thought he was really cool. He didn’t try to sell me a pair of shoes. He just said, ‘If it’s something that interests you, you’ll pursue it.’ And I think that happens with any kind of religion if you come to it by your own discovery.

However, neither the video nor Cruise's conversation were thrilling enough, it seems, for Crowe to follow suit.

“I never ended up putting my two cents down on anybody’s table,” he added. “I've never graced [Scientology’s] doorway.”

It isn't the first time Crowe's dropped the Scientology bomb mid-interview.

“It just seems like a religion that is perfect for people who feel like they need a grounding, who feels that the world has run off on them,” he told Interview magazine in 2005. “I’ve discussed this with Scientologists, and they don’t disagree. So, for a certain type of person, that’s great.”

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