Friday 26 December 2014

Francis Ford Coppola chooses Ireland as his 'most underrated destination' and says Irish ice-cream is the best in the world

Published 11/08/2014 | 10:28

Francis Ford Coppola gave away his daughter Sofia Coppola at her wedding
Legendary director Francis Ford Coppola loves Irish ice-cream

Hollywood director Francis Ford Coppola has chosen Ireland as his 'most underrated destination' in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

The interview delved into Coppola's travel favourites from his first big trip to his favourite souvenir and what makes a hotel great.

Asked about his most underrated destination, the 75-year-old director said, "Ireland. It's a beautiful country, and the people are extraordinary. They have such a wonderful literary tradition, one of warmth and humor."

The legendary director also appreciates Ireland for a less typical reason.

"Also, Irish ice cream is among the best in the world, which no one knows." he added.

Coppola has long had associations with Ireland since he filmed Dementia 13 at Howth Castle and Ardmore Studios in 1962.

The director's hit Vietnam war epic, Apocalypse Now' was released 35 years ago next week.

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