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Mirren: Directing is a love affair

Published 21/12/2012 | 12:44

Dame Helen Mirren is married to director Taylor Hackford

Dame Helen Mirren has likened the relationship between directors and their leading actors to falling in love.

The Oscar-winning actress - who fell for director husband Taylor Hackford after working together on White Nights in 1985 - stars alongside Sir Anthony Hopkins in Hitchcock, which explores director Alfred Hitchcock's relationship with his wife and his obsessions towards his leading ladies.

Dame Helen told The Daily Mail: "All directors are voyeuristic. Many directors fall in love with their leading ladies. I've seen it happen more than once."

However, she clarified that the love directors have with their stars is not the same as real love.

She added: "But directors often fall in love with their leading ladies. In a way, they want them to be untouchable. They don't actually want to have a relationship with them, because it's to do with looking at someone through a screen, so you've got to love what you're seeing. But you've got to live with that face, edit it... you've got to kind of love it, male or female.

"I have seen directors yearningly fall in love with their actors or actresses. But they do not want this relationship consummated. They want it to stay a dream, because movies are about dreams."

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