Monday 24 July 2017

Hollywood's secretly gay movie stars

Rock Hudson

Hudson was Hollywood's archetypal closeted leading man: wooing Doris Day as the ultimate "manly man" on screen, all while concealing his gay relationships off screen. Hudson shocked his fans when he announced that he had Aids in July 1985. He died three months later.

James Dean

Most biographies of Dean conclude that the star was, at the very least, bisexual, but they disagree on the extent of his experimentation. At any rate, it was revealing that studio press releases used to group him with Hudson and gay actor Tab Hunter as Hollywood's hottest' "bachelors".

Cary Grant

Though he fought against gay rumours throughout his career, the debonair Grant shared a house -- dubbed 'Bachelor Hill' -- with fellow actor Randolph Hearst on and off for 12 years. Several biographers claim the two men were involved sexually.

Marlon Brando

The legendary star was quoted in a 1976 biography that he enjoyed a number of homosexual relationships during his life.

David Niven also once reported that he spotted Brando and Laurence Olivier kissing in a swimming pool.

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