Wednesday 18 October 2017

Colin Firth feels royal pressure

Colin Firth says he admires all the characters in the film
Colin Firth says he admires all the characters in the film

Colin Firth has confessed feeling the pressure for playing The Queen's father, King George VI, in his new film.

The actor, who has been nominated for an Oscar for his role in A Single Man, plays the monarch in The King's Speech, while Geoffrey Rush plays speech therapist Lionel Logue who helped King George combat his stammer.

Colin said: "It did occur to me that the Royal family might see it - I know they don't comment on such things but I was very aware that not only would his daughter (Queen Elizabeth II) see it, but the character played by Geoffrey Rush had living family as well."

He revealed he put his own political views about the monarchy aside to play King George VI, who was extremely popular with the British public.

Colin continued: "We can't possibly hope to be accurate about things we hope to know about. I would never have a hostile approach to playing a character because you can't play a character in that way, but I'm aware that he's remembered not only by living members of his family who adored him, but also living members of the public who remember him with great affection.

"I don't think anyone remembers him in any other way really, no matter what your feelings are about the establishment of the monarchy. I think he was enormously admirable and I had overwhelming affection for the characters, so I hope that affection and respect came across. I think there's something quietly heroic about him. We'll leave my own political views out of this."

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