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ReddX - Xbox One's new Reddit app

Published 19/08/2014 | 13:21

Reddx reveal screenshot
Reddx reveal screenshot

Microsoft has revealed a new app for Xbox One that will connect to a user's Reddit account.

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Arriving at the same time as a new MTV app, ReddX will continue Xbox One's move towards the hub of a user's online experience.

Basic Reddit functionality is there, with upvotes etc. as you'd expect.

There are some key differences:

  • Animated GIFs can be paused and rewound, as if a standard video.

  • Youtube direct links can be viewed within the app, where a Reddit link would normally bring users directly to the Youtube page in question.

  • Posts appear in an endless scrolling setup, rather than pages.

  • While Xbox One users are encouraged to contribute, typing a post with a controller is going to be a pain and only those with peripherals will likely go to the effort of generating new content. The app looks built for browsing, which somewhat goes against the ideology of Reddit's user generated content focus.

    The MTV app promises sneak peaks, videos and the like.

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