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Star Wars Battlefront hype just jumped to playable Millennium Falcon levels

Published 05/08/2015 | 12:55

Star Wars Battlefront - Trailer Screengrab
Star Wars Battlefront - Trailer Screengrab

The latest Star Wars Battlefront trailer, featuring playable Rebel and Imperial squadrons facing off, looks pretty great, but then it goes all legendary.

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That's right, if you thought the hype for Star Wars Battlefront, the first-person shooter from Battlefield developers Dice, was big before, then this trailer has propelled it towards a mania.

First we have the 20-player battles, featuring classic vehicles such as X-wings and Tie Fighters. The trailer looks great and the dialogue feels just right.

What comes next, well, watch the trailer or read below...

... yes, that's right, playable Millennium Falcon!

If that's not exciting enough, does the end of the trailer suggest the Imperial equivalent is Boba Fett's Slave I?

Here's hoping the game plays as well as the trailer looks.

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