Sunday 22 October 2017

Sacred 3: Wholly unsatisfactory

Sacred 3 for PS3/Xbox 360/PC
Sacred 3 for PS3/Xbox 360/PC
Ronan Price

Ronan Price

IS nothing sacred any more? Not even Sacred is really Sacred at least. Its predecessor came on like an enthusiastic Diablo clone – all loot collecting, open worlds and character customisation.

SACRED 3, X360/PS3/PC, age 16+, rating: 6.5/10

Sacred 3 is none of these things. Sure, it cribs its best ideas from Diablo, delivering an action RPG full of monsters begging to be slayed. It even brings you through some beautifully illustrated worlds where, tantalisingly, some of the best artwork is just out of reach.

But in rebooting the franchise, Sacred 3 has stripped down gameplay to a bare core. There’s no true loot, just gold for upgrades. Each mission is chosen from a linear path and itself is devoid of branching routes. Even the genre staple of rolling your own character through your choices has been largely defanged.

Most annoying, though, is the smartass script, with a terrible line in humour that borders most of the time on juvenile.

Sacred 3 for PS3/Xbox 360/PC

So you’re left with a polished but fairly anodyne brand of mindless clicking where the artful scenery and the hypnotic pull of kill-and-collect keep you going. Multiplayer offers little new in terms of gameplay but still manages, as you’d expect, to provide more stimulus than the single-player slog.

There’s nothing actually wrong with Sacred 3 save for its criminally short length – modern RPGs typically provide dozens of hours of entertainment, but this one will be lucky to detain you for close to 10.

With the September games rush about to kick off again, there’ll be plenty more shortly to outgun Sacred 3. Yet if it turns up in a bargain bin a near you, you could while away worse weekends.

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