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Reviewed: Beyond Two Souls, Puppeteer, Star Wars Pinball

Published 22/10/2013 | 16:30

Beyond: Two Souls stars Ellen Page
Beyond: Two Souls stars Ellen Page
Puppeteer for PS3

Beyond: Two Souls

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David Cage makes Marmite games: you either love them or hate them.

Beyond delves even further into the realm of "interactive movie" than Cage's last effort, Heavy Rain.

Anchored by terrific motion-captured acting from Oscar-nominated Ellen Page, Beyond explores the life of a teen burdened by a supernatural and disruptive guardian. Page sets a new bar for game believability, helped by Willem Dafoe, playing a secret service agent assigned to help harness her power.

Yet the plot unfolds mostly without challenge to the player, with only occasional gestures required to progress. What keeps it interesting is the sheer globe-straddling variety of the storyline and Page's compelling performance.





Puppeteer throws together delightful textured worlds, melodramatic voice acting and a bagful of quirkiness. The resulting platformer is always entertaining if a bit scattergun.

Its central gimmick – your wooden puppet can replace his head with others earned in the world – adds virtually nothing. But you're having too much fun in pantomime worlds to care.

Star Wars Pinball



A TRIUMPH on other platforms, SWP gets squashed in the transition to 3DS. Its intricate pinball backgrounds become hard to make out on the handheld's low-res screen.

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