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CES: Valve unveils 13 'Steam Machines' and more gaming options

Published 07/01/2014 | 12:41

Alienware Steam Machine
Alienware's Steam Machine
Next Spa
Scan NC10
Origin PC - Chronos
GigaByte - Brix Pro
Falcon Northwest - Tiki

Software and digital distribution leaders Valve have finally revealed the partners in their move into the hardware space.

Valve, famous for best-selling game franchises (such as Half-Life, Counter Strike and Left 4 Dead) and for revolutionary digital game distribution platform Steam, have announced 12 partners for their 'Steam Machines'.

The Innovative Steam Controller

Steam Machines are new entertainment systems, designed to bring the popular Steam gaming platform into living rooms and on to TV screens. The new hardware will allow Steam, currently a PC focused product, to be a viable alternative to traditional games consoles.

The thirteen machines vary significantly, the cheapest starting at $499 and the higher end competing with cutting edge gaming PCs. The machines also come in various forms and styles (pictured above) with a square cube a popular style.

All of the machines will run the SteamOS, an operating system built on top of Linux, and will use the Steam Controller, perhaps the most innovative aspect to the setup.

The announced hardware partners are:

  • Alienware

  • Alternate

  • CyberPowerPC

  • Digital Storm

  • Falcon NW

  • GigaByte

  • iBuyPower

  • Maingear


  • Next Spa

  • Origin PC

  • Scan

  • Webhallen

  • Zotac

Details of the announced Steam Machines are available in the gallery above.

With 65m Steam accounts worldwide, the player base is there, but the question is whether users will migrate from their beloved PCs.

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