Sunday 24 September 2017

Invisible Inc review: Stealthy success

Invisible Inc for iOS
Invisible Inc for iOS
Ronan Price

Ronan Price

STEALTH meets turn-based action in this superb futuristic infiltration sim. From the people who brought us the marvellous sneak-em-up Mark of the Ninja (and the not-sneaky survivathon Don’t Starve), Invisible Inc employs randomly generated levels to produce a meticulously assembled cauldron of tension.

Invisible Inc (iOS) 5 stars Age: 12+

In a future where mega-corporations rule the world (they’re all probably named Trump), the last remaining good guys are under attack and down to their last two super-spies. So begins a frantic 72-hour push to find a new base for Invisible Inc and its AI computer.

Your two agents, aided by the all-seeing eyes of the AI, break into the offices of rival corporations to steal assets, money and rescue imprisoned agents. Every level consists of an angular grid bristling with CCTV, guards, drones and loot. Each agent’s movement is constrained by turn-based action points, setting up a delicate balancing act of pressing as far as possible into the offices for maximum return while fending off security via stealth, hacks and full-on combat.

Every turn runs the risk of ramping up the hostilities and Invisible Inc reaches its peak when everything’s gone to hell and you’re improvising on the fly.

This port from PC and PS4 is part Deus Ex, part Mission Impossible but altogether brilliant.

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