Tuesday 27 June 2017

Games Industry in Ireland: Developers map

The first All-Ireland interactive map of the Irish games industry helps build up a picture of games companies across the country.

Get on the map!

To put your company or game development team on the map of #IrishGameDev, learn more at http://getirishgames.ie/about-irishgamedev/map-of-irish-games-industry/

Note1: Locations are approximate, if unknown, this is why you will find some companies in the sea or rivers.

Note 2: Please change known out of business companies red

Note 3: If the map is locked down, please tweet any edits to @GetIrishGames

Map Legend:

Green are indie Irish companies

Orange are international companies based here Red are closed down

White are related non-games international companies

Yellow are consumer market/retail companies

Blue are Colleges or Incubation Spaces

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