Sunday 23 July 2017

Fallout 4 is coming - Prepare the pip-boys!

Fallout 4 - A vault dweller's best friend
Fallout 4 - A vault dweller's best friend
Fallout 4 screen grab site grabbed by PC Gamer
Frank Whelan

Frank Whelan

Fallout 4 has been confirmed with an E3 reveal on the cards

The buzz began when a countdown clock, designed in the classic retro style of the Fallout series, appeared on Gamers crossed their fingers for what must surely be a new game announcement.

Watch the trailer here:

Earlier today, excitement kicked into overdrive as the Fallout 4 website was seemingly accidentally made live an hour before the countdown clock was due to finish. The website was quickly shutdown, but not before enough eyes got a glimpse to spread the word. The site provided confirmation that Fallout 4 was the surprise and a private video was almost definitely a trailer.

When the countdown ended an hour later, went live as expected, with a shiny new trailer and the promise of a full reveal on the 14th of June as part of Bethsoft's E3 show.

The trailer shows a definite visual upgrade, but a focus on the Vault 111 protagonist suggests a similar beginning to Fallout 3. Of course, this is all early days speculation, a shorter version of the trailer would strongly hint at the protagonist being a dog (which would be excellent.)

The Fallout series, starting back in 1997, focuses on role-playing in an open world post-apocalyptic setting. Originally published by Interplay, the series jumped to new heights in 2008 with the release of the Bethesda studios produced Fallout 3. Bringing the action fully into a 3D world and on to consoles, the title won numerous Game of the Year awards.

 The long-awaited Fallout 4 announcement comes five years after the last release, Fallout: New Vegas.


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