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In Photos: Couple married for 63 years die 'holding hands'

Published 05/08/2014 | 10:04

The last photograph of the couple. Photo: Melissa Sloan
The last photograph of the couple. Photo: Melissa Sloan
Maxine and Don Simpson relax on the couch before Don broke his hip. Photo: Melissa Sloan
The couple's granddaughter captured many moments of the couple holding hands, saying "I love hands, they tell such a story. As they get more comfortable with my camera just being around I will hopefully capture better angles." Photo: Melissa Sloan
A photo of the couple from the 1940s. The Simpsons spent their last weeks together looking at old photographs and reminiscing over their life together. Photo: Melissa Sloan
The couple held hands across the divide between their single hospital beds. Photo: Melissa Sloan
Melissa and her grandmother. Photo: Melissa Sloan
Photo: Melissa Sloan
The earliest picture of the couple, on a skiing honeymoon. The two were avid travellers. Photo: Melissa Sloan
The wedding bands of Don and Maxine Simpson, slightly scuffed after sixty-three years of wear. Photo: Melissa Sloan
Don and Maxine in their final days, holding hands between their hospital beds. Photo: Melissa Sloan
An earlier shot before the couple were confined to bed, playing with their great-grandchild. Photo: Melissa Sloan

In a scene reminiscent of popular film The Notebook, an elderly couple who 'couldn't bear to be apart' have died holding hands. Photos by their granddaughter Melissa Sloan.

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