Wednesday 20 September 2017

Edna Kenny strikes again

The Taoiseach has frequently been referred to as ‘Edna Kenny’ rather than Enda, and the latest person to get their consonants mixed up is leading US Republican Paul Ryan.

The Wisconsin politician took to Twitter to tell of his delight at meeting the Taoiseach as he made his whistle-stop tour of the US over St Patrick’s weekend.

“Honored to meet with Taoiseach Edna Kenny,” he said.

Ryan, an Irish American, was Mitt Romney's vice-presidential running mate in the 2012 presidential election.

Just after Mr Kenny became Taoiseach in 2011, the ‘New York Times' announced to the world that Ireland had elected its first female leader in the shape of “Edna”.

And the Fine Gael leader was also referred to “Eddy” in a report filed by the ‘St Petersburg Times'.

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