Monday 25 September 2017

The loves of my life with Irish artist Guggi Rowen


The artist talks to LIFE magazine

The person: Aidan Walsh

The memory: Stealing a boat on the River Suir, near Waterford, 30 years ago and being swept out to sea with two of my friends, who I shouldn't mention (one of them was Mr Friday)

The moment of the day: Whenever it happens

The song: Finnegan's Wake, The Dubliners

The movie: Nuts in May

The hero: Tommy Cooper

The book: Old Tractors and the Men Who Love Them by Roger Welsch

The outfit: A pair of snakeskin boots with dirty jeans and a beer-stained wife-beater

The accessory: Earrings

The gadget: The plastic toothpicks you get in some restaurants

The pet hate: Stamp collecting

The friend: Reggie the dog

The beauty product: Black eyeliner

The holiday: Butlin's, Mosney, 1973

The piece of advice: Don't eat yellow snow

The drink: Red wine/green tea

The virtue: A nice pair of legs

The hotel: The Salvation Army in Manchester

The bar: Curly Wurly

The hobby: Stamp collecting

The part of my body: My left earlobe

The celebrity: Marty Whelan

The vice: Roll-ups

The smell: Paint

The taste: Turpentine

The colour: Indigo

For more information on Guggi's work, see

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