Tuesday 26 September 2017

How to cope

Dr Robert Leahy

What to do

* To shift the feeling that you are a victim, you must deal with your anger. Accept what has happened in the past.

* If you find yourself worrying constantly, set a time for such thoughts. When it's over, start doing something else.

* Take time to appreciate what you do have, so that obsessing about status and high income will not seem relevant.

* Do some sums to ensure you're being careful with money – and then stop thinking about it.

* Spend time each day job searching, but also do things that will keep your mood buoyed.

What not to do

* Don't think of yourself as a loser. It's a situation you're in, it's not you personally.

* Don't let this situation make you think everything is catastrophe. You will have more free time, so take advantage of it to do things you enjoy.

* Don't let your imagination take over – give up the feeling that you must be in control.

* Don't push family and friends away. Let them be supportive.

* Don't let your health suffer. Eat well and get plenty of exercise.

– Dr Robert Leahy

Irish Independent

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