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Best-selling author Amy Huberman admits her work is fed by self-doubt

Published 13/09/2015 | 02:30

Amy Huberman. Picture: Tony Kinlan
Amy Huberman. Picture: Tony Kinlan
Author & actress Amy Huberman launches her 'I Wished For You' book with husband Brian O'Driscoll
Brian O'Driscoll and Amy Huberman at the launch of her debut book Hello Heartbreak in 2009
Amy Huberman
Amy Huberman spotted outside Balfes Cafe at the Westbury Hotel showing off her new baby boy Billy to friends and fellow actor Liam Cunningham
Amy Huberman/Instagram

She may have made her name as one of Ireland's most successful female writers but Amy Huberman admits her work is racked by self-doubt.

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The Hello Heartbreak author said that she regularly struggles with the writer's gremlin - and it crosses over into her on-screen work, too.

Speaking to the Sunday Independent she said: "Oh my God totally. Every job I do is fed by self-doubt ... acting and writing.

"I think you just have to trust yourself, but there are times I think when you are writing, sometimes you think it is a genius idea and you re-read it a week later and you think that's pathetic."

brian and amy
brian and amy

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She says doubt can be a writer's best friend, if you don't let it rule you:

"I don't think self-doubt drives you. I think it's the passion for wanting to do it that drives you. I think self-doubt keeps you in control and makes you want to strive for something to be as good as you want it to be. I think you can't let it control you either."

But she said, "It can work the flip side. You can think you can be trudging through muddy waters and then you read it back and you think 'well that kind of worked.'

Amy Huberman
Amy Huberman

"I always think as well with edits that you need a little bit of space. If you are trying to write and edit at the same time, for me, again the water is muddy and you become really married to certain things and I find it really hard to cut stuff."

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She believes writer's block is best tackled head-on: "Sometimes you can convince yourself that you are having writer's block because you want to give yourself a day off," she laughs. "But normally I really want to get down to it. For me, more often than not, if I just make myself sit down I will come up with something. And there are days when you are a writer and you want to write more, but look if you have one good idea, at least it is something. You can always rewrite it the next day."

Despite her inner fears, Amy is profiting handsomely from her rich array of talents.

Amy Huberman/Instagram
Amy Huberman/Instagram

The first set of accounts for her company show that the firm recorded pre-tax profits of almost €100,000 in its first year in operation.

According to filings just lodged with the Companies Office, pre-tax profits at ASM Entertainment in the 14 months to the end of August, 2014, total €95,123.

The accounts show that after a corporation tax bill of €11,890, the firm's post-tax profits total €83,224. Amy set up the company in late May, 2013. At the end of August last year, the firm had a cash pile of €99,757.

One half of one of Ireland's best-known couples through her marriage to rugby legend Brian O' Driscoll, Amy owns 100pc of the firm, while her dad, Harold, sits on the board.

Amy Huberman spotted outside Balfes Cafe at the Westbury Hotel showing off her new baby boy Billy to friends and fellow actor Liam Cunningham
Amy Huberman spotted outside Balfes Cafe at the Westbury Hotel showing off her new baby boy Billy to friends and fellow actor Liam Cunningham

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Amy is currently busy writing the feature film Bolt, in which she will play the leading role. Based on Huberman's 2012 novel I Wished for You the film tells the story of a young woman who leaves her partner to escape the responsibilities of adulthood.

Meanwhile, the Dublin beauty and mum-of-two is also looking forward to the Rugby World Cup, with her sports star husband by her side:

"He is watching it for work purposes so it is lovely to be able to not have the stress. I can now watch it as an Ireland fan."

Asked about the transition Brian has experienced from pitch to rugby pundit, she says: "I think Brian manages everything so well and it's been so busy in our house with the two babies that we haven't had a huge amount of time.

"But he is just really lucky to have the really long career that he had and I think he can only look back and feel very lucky to be with Ireland and Leinster for so long and enjoy the career that he had," she added.

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