Thursday 21 September 2017

Behind the lens

Kelly Hood


"I think I have a touch of mad cow disease, because it is very difficult to identify what it is that makes me want to paint cows; trying to understand the appeal for others is even more difficult.

It started completely by accident. I took a photo of a friendly cow and it has become a passion.

Living in Dingle helps as there is no shortage of willing models. I have been painting cow portraits for four years now, and to me there is nothing better than chatting to a herd of cows over a gate, camera in hand, then getting back to the studio to try to capture their dribbling insouciance.

I'm getting quite good at being able to distinguish say, a Hereford from a Holstein and a heifer from a bull, and in the past two years I've developed a bit of a grá for my quietly curious bovine neighbours.

There's another side to cows that I seek to portray – they too are complex characters in much the same way as humans are."

Kelly Hood's 'Cows in the Court' exhibition is in the Powerscourt Centre, Dublin, until January 31.

Irish Independent

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