Friday 18 August 2017

Barfly: The Good Bits

Store Street D1. Tel: 01 8197635

Ed Power

Ed Power

'Damien Dempsey gives us Hope," announces some perky graffiti outside The Good Bits -- an assertion so brain-bendingly random it's actually difficult to quibble with.

The space previously occupied by Radio City (and, before that, The Isaac Butt), The Good Bits has a very clear aim: to provide the north inner city with the youth culture hot-bed it previously lacked. To that end, there's an eye-popping line-up of weekly club nights, ranging from indie to electro to drum and bass.

As to the decor... well, the intention is to bring together the best of the Celtic Tiger uber-pub and the NYC dive bar (minus the scuzziness). If you are fresh-faced and like bleeding-edge music, chances are you'll think the results entirely agreeable. There's a moodily understated interior, while a downstairs performance space is the perfect proving ground for newbie bands trying to get off the bottom rung. However, if you're too old to go to nightclubs without feeling a tad sad (and others thinking you a tad creepy), the bad news is that The Good Bits may not be quite for you. That said, if you're a friend of Damien Dempsey tell him to pop around -- we're sure he'll find the surroundings entirely to his liking.

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