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Barfly: The Glimmer Man

14 Stoneybatter, D7.
Tel: 01 6779781

Published 13/05/2011 | 05:00

One of at least two Dublin pubs to have gone by the name Glimmer Man, this cavernous Stoneybatter boozer feels like a microcosm of the inner-city neighbourhood in which it is located. The elderly chap shakily chugging a cigarette in the doorway gives you a heads up on the core clientele -- locals who've lived in the environs since the Celtic Tiger was merely a dreamy glimmer in the collective eye and are still here now property prices have crashed through the basement.

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However, there's also a smattering of younger out-of-towners within, gathered around the television to watch an evening psycho-drama starring Jose Mourinho (with some soccer thrown in for good measure). The interior errs towards the dimly lit -- which is good for atmosphere, but a bit of a shame considering the inventive use of beer mats and old seven-inch records as wall coverings.

Regrettably, this is another Dublin bar cursed with garish poker machines (is casual gaming staging a slow takeover of the nation's hostelries?) Happily, they are located in an innocuous corner and so don't impinge on the sense you are entering a pub largely unchanged over the decades.

Long may it stay that way, especially when the prices have a distinctly old-school ring.

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