Friday 20 October 2017

Yet more doppelgangers randomly meet – and they’re both comedians

Rob (left) and his doppelganger Kobi (right). PIC: Imgur: Sleuthblues
Rob (left) and his doppelganger Kobi (right). PIC: Imgur: Sleuthblues
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

A US comedian has just happened across his doppelganger at a London gig.

Rob Winston came face to face with his twin stranger in the crowd at his comedy gig in Kentish Town.

Speaking to Mashable, he said, "It was intermission and I had just performed. During the interval, a member of the crowd pointed out Kobi (my doppelganger). Apparently people were coming up to him and complimenting him on my material."

Kobi had just moved to London from Israel and they had never met before.  It turned out Kobi is also a comedian.

It mirrors another random doppelganger meeting on a Ryanair flight last year when Scotsman Neil Thomas Douglas came face-to-face with the bearded stranger who was practically his mirror image.

The website Twin Strangers has also resulted in many people meeting their doppelgangers.

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