Tuesday 22 August 2017

WATCH: Someone played Maniac 2000 on the Luas and made everyone's day

Mark McCabe: Maniac 2000
Mark McCabe: Maniac 2000

It became the anthem of a generation when it was released at the turn of the millennium.

But 16 years later Mark McCabe's one-hit wonder is still a beloved banger.

When one lad decided to play the hit on the Red Line Luas during his Tuesday night commute people didn't seem to mind. In fact, judging from this video, they loved it.

User _philthebarber_ uploaded the video yesterday evening, and so far the video has 475 views. He captioned it: “Maniac 2000 blasting and the craic was 90 on the Luas home night.”

Normally when someone decides to blare their tunes on public transport it can inspire rage in their fellow commuters.

But not every song is Maniac 2000 and Tuesday was the day of the heatwave so people were more tolerant than usual, we imagine.

Still, once is probably grand. There's no need for this to inspire copycat offenders.


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