Sunday 22 October 2017

WATCH: 'Are you sure you didn’t actually take a giant’s coin?' - Today's kids react to old Irish money

Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

Dublin-based channel Youth Tuber asked kids today what they think of old Irish money and, as predicted, their reactions were hilarious.

The children were given 10p, 20p, 50p, and £1 coins and asked how much they could buy with each.

“I could buy absolutely nothing with a 10p - you could probably buy an ant,” according to a young boy.

Other suggestions included “a scarf or a hat”, “three chocolate bars” and a “bike”.

“This one smells like it has been under a rat’s nest for fifty years and someone found it and then dipped it in vinegar,” said an unimpressed girl.

Thankfully there is some saviour as an older girl described a coin from 1996 as being from “not that long ago.”

Another well-informed kid was able to say that 1996 was the same year that Gap opened.

The kids were most amazed by the “ginormous” £1 coin that “you could buy anything” with.

According to the kids the £1 would get you “two X-boxes”, “A house and a bank”, with one boy even offering his friend beside him for the coin.

“Are you sure you didn’t actually take a giant’s coin? It’s the biggest coin I’ve ever seen.”

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