Thursday 21 September 2017

Video: TV weatherman flees studio as tornado approaches

Dramatic footage from Mississippi channel WTVA shows weatherman Matt Laubhan order his colleagues to a basement before fleeing the studio as a tornado struck the city of Tupelo

Staff at a Mississippi TV news channel were sent running for cover on Tuesday as a tornado approached their building.

The tornado was just one of many that have caused devasation in six US states in recent days, leaving dozens dead across Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Iowa and Oklahoma.

WTVA-TV chief meteorologist Matt Laubhan was reporting live on the weather around 3 pm when he realized the twister was coming dangerously close.

"This is a tornado ripping through the city of Tupelo as we speak. And this could be deadly," he said.

Moments later he adds, "a damaging tornado. On the ground. Right now."

He peeks in from the side to see if he's still on the air before yelling to staff off-camera: "basement, now!" He then disappears off camera.

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