Thursday 30 March 2017

Video: Skydiver films falling 'meteorite' over Norway

A Norwegian skydiver has captured on camera what he believes is a meteorite, as it hurtled past him during a jump.

Filmed back in 2012, Anders Helstrup has spent the past two years trying to find out what the mysterious black object was that sped past him that day.

The footage filmed on Helstrup's own head cam shows what looks like a large rock hurtling by at high speed as he was skydiving in Southern Norway.

He insists there was nothing above him at the time and so – despite cynicism from scientists – he believes it was a meteorite.

Most meteorite's burn up when they come through the earth's atmosphere, but some do survive and are only extinguished 20km above the Earth, entering a period of dark flight.

It is this that Helstrup believes he captured on video and together with Norway’s space and meteorite centre's he is trying to piece together whether UFO might have landed. (Generated thumbnail)  

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