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Video: Men hooked up to 'contraction' machine to stimulate childbirth apologise to their 'superhero' mothers

Men learn that women are not 'exaggerating' when describing labour pain

Published 06/03/2014 | 12:01

Two men have undergone 'contraction simulation' to see if women really do 'exaggerate everything'.

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Two Christian dads from Kensington Church in the US decided to undergo a simulation of labour pains to see if they were really the 'worst pain ever.'

Before the process began, they joked about the idea that "women exaggerate everything."

They then began the process, with their wives there to hold their hands.

As they go through the stages of labour, the men get more and more agitated. At one point, one of the dads, who is on all fours, shouts at his wife to "stop talking!" The two wives crack up laughing and high-five each other.

The nurses talk the men through the pain, explaining each stage as a pain figure out of ten.

"Please, please say that was a seven... What? it was only a four?"

One of the fathers then thanks his "superhero" mother, saying "If that even came close to what I did to you, all those years ago.. I'm so sorry."

The video has been viewed almost 200,000 times since it was posted last May.

The men's verdict on child-birth?

"That sucked".

Watch the video below.


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