Wednesday 20 September 2017

Video: Irish comedy trio perfectly capture the stress of 'Netflix Movie Night'

Frank Whelan

Frank Whelan

Following on from their hilarious debut The Morning After (somewhat too risqué for us to publish) comedy sketch crew LightSwitchHat are back with Netflix Movie Night.

It feels like Irish Youtube sketch groups are popping up everywhere this weather, but based on their first two offerings, LightSwitchHat are one of the better outfits on offer.

Netflix Movie Night conveys the familiar ordeal that comes with the choice offered by the streaming service: what movie do we watch?

LightSwitchHat do an excellent job of sending up Netflix's genre sorting and there are no moments that feel like filler. The sketch is to the point and doesn't try to milk the concept.

Based on the last two sketches, LightSwitchHat are definitely ones to watch.

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