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Video: Dog rescued from landslide that killed 50

Published 09/06/2014 | 11:11

A DOG buried for more than 18 hours after an avalanche has been rescued after he was heard barking.

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The dog, which rescuers called Afortunado or ‘The Lucky One’, was buried after the avalanche swept through Joya Grande village in north-west Guatemala.

Torrential rain has caused a number of mud slides in the region, and approximately 50 people have lost their lives.

Jose Guerdola, one of the team members sent to search for survivors, said: "We were looking for people and always, always was this faint sound, like a permanent rapping or tapping.

"We assumed it was someone trapped in a cellar who was hitting a pipe. We dug and dug, and we sweated and slaved, and as we got closer we realised it was the barking of a dog.

"When we broke through to where he was he jumped into our arms and licked our  faces. Unfortunately there was no-one left alive in the rubble with him but we took him to safety."

The dog has been placed in the care of a local animal shelter until a family can be found that will take him in.

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