Sunday 22 October 2017

This latest beauty trend is turning people's faces yellow

Amy Mulvaney

Amy Mulvaney

Using spices on your face to get soft skin - What next?

Nearly every week a new beauty trend sweeps the internet - and the latest is using turmeric as a face mask.

Turmeric is the spice that people use in curries and it stains everything yellow, FYI.

The spice has come onto the beauty scene in recent months as the secret to clear, glowing, smooth skin and people have been using it mixed with yogurt or water and slathering it all over their faces as a mask.

However, just as turmeric stains utensils while cooking, it also stains the skin.

After leaving it on for several minutes, beauty-lovers have been left with skin the colour of Homer Simpson’s.



Although, some people think the results of the mask are worth having stained skin.



Even Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley fell victim to the effects of the mask, and posted a video of her using the mask on Instagram with the caption, “I scrubbed my face and I am YELLOW!”


We’ll stick to a traditional packet face mask for now, thanks.

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