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Samuel L Jackson "spanks" reporter for mistaking him for "that other black guy"

Real-life news blooper predicted by 2007 comedy show gag

Published 11/02/2014 | 08:46

A reporter has apologised to Samuel L Jackson
A reporter has apologised to Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson was not impressed by an entertainment reporter confusing him with Laurence Fishburne.

The entertainment reporter began the segment by asking Jackson to tell him more about the Superbowl commercial, to which Jackson replied "what Superbowl commercial?"

Hearing the correction in his earpiece, the reporter attempted to backtrack and smooth over the situation but Jackson was not willing to let it lie.

"There's more than one black guy doing commercials! I am the 'whats in your wallet' black guy. Morgan Freeman is the OTHER Credit Card black guy - but you only hear his voice so you probably won't confuse him with those other black guys."

The reporter attempts to get the interview back on track several times and each time, Jackson interrupts. The embarrassed reporter responds "this is a well-deserved spanking, thank you."

He finally manages to get the conversation back to Robocop and when he mentions his co-cast, Jackson quips "You know who they are now, don't you? Make sure you don't get them confused with those other white actors."

Watch the full exchange below.

Thirty minutes later, the reporter apologised on-air for the mix-up.

Samuel L. Jackson is known for being outspoken in interviews. In an interview where a reporter referred to Colin Farrell as 'British' because "we like to think of him as our own", Jackson replied "We had that problem in America too. It was called slavery."

The first time Jackson was mistaken for Laurence Fishburne was in an episode of 'Extras' with Ricky Jervais, where he reassures the character Maggie Jacobs that he was not in the Matrix.

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