Friday 21 July 2017

RTE presenter Stephen Byrne crashes through shed roof as he live tweets escape after locking himself in bathroom

The RTE presenter locked himself in the bathroom
The RTE presenter locked himself in the bathroom
Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

RTE presenter Stephen Byrne entertained his Twitter followers this evening after locking himself in his bathroom.

The 'Twotube' presenter got stuck in the loo after the door knob broke off the door.

He tweeted: "Ehh so the handle on my bathroom door just came off and I can't get out D: #BathroomOne #HomeAlone"

However moments later realising he was really stuck tweeted: "Ok haha I'm legit locked in my bathroom".

As boredom began to take hold, the presenter invented games to keep himself amused.

"Forget the World Cup! Its time for the first hourly Cosmetic Bowling Championship #BathroomOne #Trapped #HelpMe"

However Byrne, who has almost 40,000 followers on the social media site, soon began to think of ways to escape.

Despite his house overlooking a football pitch and a match being played, he ruled out playing damsel in distress.

"Considering the window but there's a match going on outside and the laughtrack would be straight out of a sitcom D:"

He then decided to escape out the window - hoping on to the shed to enable him to make it to the garden.

The shed's roof didn't hold out however, and his feet broke through the roof.

However just when he believed his ordeal was over, he approached the back door only to discover it was locked.

He tweeted: "Gonna sit outside and watch the match from the window until someone is home. Thanks for joining me and laughing at my pain #PrayForStephen"

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