Tuesday 27 June 2017

'I actually took a picture to send to my sister as I realised how bad it actually was' - this Irish girl was not happy with her €45 makeover

Shauna Adamson. Picture: Facebook
Shauna Adamson. Picture: Facebook
Shauna's "makeover".
The makeup Shauna did herself after the makeover.
Amy Mulvaney

Amy Mulvaney

Her contour is not #OnFleek.

Most women go to a makeup artist because they want their makeup to look better than what they can do themselves.

However, when Shauna Adamson booked in to Urban Decay in The Square, Tallaght, to get her make-up done for her friend’s birthday on Saturday, that isn’t what happened.

The full coverage, smoky eye look Shauna asked for is far from what she left the store with.

Shauna's "makeover".

Shauna (20) took to Facebook to share photos of the finished look from Urban Decay – and they’ll make any makeup lover want to cry.

“When I got there the girl sat me down and asked what I would like, so I told her I wanted a full coverage look with a smoky, sparkly eye,” Shauna told Independent.ie.

“I was in the store for about 45-50 minutes in total. I paid €45 which was redeemable in products, but the money wasn’t the problem. It was the fact that they obviously had an untrained makeup artist working under the name of a high end brand.”

“When I looked at the makeup I knew it wasn’t the best, but I just told the girl it was fine. I thought when I got home I could blend it and fix it myself. Then when I actually got home and took a picture to send to my sister I realised how bad it actually was.”

“There were patches all over my face, you could still see blemishes, nothing was blended. I was disgusted and scrubbed the whole thing off and redid my makeup for the night myself.”

Shauna went back down to the makeup counter the next day to complain to a senior makeup artist about the finished result, who offered her a complimentary makeup application.

However, when Shauna was told by friends that this had happened with senior makeup artists too, she decided to decline the offer of another makeover.

Shauna posted the complaint to Urban Decay’s Facebook page, while her original post has been shared over 1,100 times.

The makeup Shauna did herself after the makeover.
The makeup Shauna did herself after the makeover.

Urban Decay posted a full apology under Shauna's complaint and offered her a refund for the makeover and “a selection of products as an apology.”

"It's not that I wanted a refund or free makeup," Shauna said. "I just wanted to warn people."

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