Wednesday 20 September 2017

First 100 days of baby pandas detailed in adorable video

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

A video detailing the first 100 days of baby pandas at Zoo Atlanta has gotten over 42,000 views in two days.

To celebrate the official naming of their baby panda cubs 'Mei Lun' and 'Mei Huan', Zoo Atlanta posted a video chronicling the early development of the adorable duo.

The twin panda cubs, the first to born at the zoo since 1987, are no strangers to internet fame.

Their birth was captured by workers at the zoo and posted online. Following the birth, a 24-hour panda cam was run on their website thanks to Earthcam, where users could watch the little cubs day or night.

Now 100 days into their life, Zoo Atlanta has captured the development of the cubs from "tiny pink newborns" into developed black-and-white panda cubs.

Watch the video above.

The veterinary staff used an unique stategy of 'cub swapping' - combining vocal imitations of cub noises and sugarcane to encourage the cubs mother, Lun Lun, to give up one cub to the officials while the other was returned. Zoo Atlanta posted a video of this technique to their YouTube channel.

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