Monday 27 February 2017

Female reporter gets bucket of water thrown over her during interview

A video of a female journalist has gone viral, after she was soaked by a man from Upper Coomera Australia.

Nine Gold host, Alex Bernhardt was asking the man why police had attempted to raid his home and he reacted by soaking the reporter with an esky-full of ice cold water that soaked her dress, her phone and microphone.

The woman claims that they did not aggravate the man in any way; she barely had an opportunity to finish asking him her question,

“I knocked on the door but no one answered, so we were walking back to the car when I noticed someone peeking over the fence,” Ms Bernhardt told

“I saw him filling something up at the tap but didn’t really think too much of it.

“He walked out, said ‘get out of my face’ ... I didn’t really even say anything to him, and then he said ‘I’m going to throw this bucket of water over you’.”

The man then claimed, ‘I’ll go again ... so I smoke a little dope’.

“He was so calm about it all, even when he threw the water on me, he was really quite gentle about it,” Ms Bernhardt laughed.

“We weren’t standing there asking question after question ... we weren’t doing anything antagonistic.”

The video has had more than 14,000 hits on YouTube and 27,000 ‘likes’ on the station’s Facebook page.

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