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Cheating woman caught red-handed 'sexting' at baseball game

Sarah-Jane Murphy

Published 27/07/2015 | 13:30

Hands of a woman using her mobile phone.
Hands of a woman using her mobile phone.

This story will make unsettling reading for anyone who has ever 'sexted' someone behind their partner's back.

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At a baseball game in Atlanta, due to tiered seating, a pair of sisters had a bird's eye view of a woman's phone screen.

They soon realised they were looking at a sequence of very explicit and steamy text messages.

Since the woman's partner was sitting beside her at the game, Delana and Brynn Hinson concluded he was not the recipient of the text messages.

"I will be naked...laying on the ground," one of the messages read.

"I lov....much," said a partly obscured message.

According to the name displayed on the screen at the top of the phone, the recipient's name was 'Nancy'.

The girls decided to warn the man sitting next to the duplicitous woman.

Writing on a game programme, they informed him that his wife was cheating.

"Look at the messages under 'Nancy'. It's really a man names Mark Allen," their message to him read.

They included their contact number and offered to forward photos of the offending texts to him.

The sisters said on Twitter that the man texted them at a later stage, asking for the photos.

However there has been no word from him since.

On Twitter, opinion is divided as to whether the girls did the right thing.

Some feel that they did the man a favour while others reckon they should have just minded their own business.

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