Monday 24 April 2017

Five reality stars who could be the next president of the US

"Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?"

Donald Trump hosting The Apprentice
Donald Trump hosting The Apprentice

Sasha Brady

The former host of The Apprentice is now President-elect of the US.

Donald Trump was an unconventional presidential candidate in every way but he's someone who has managed to manipulate popular culture through the gravitational pull of his own celebrity status and populist rhetoric to win the White House.

He seduced an American public with the promise to overthrow the establishment. He appealed expressly to racism, misogyny and xenophobia but it didn't make a dent in his celebrity armour. He was the rogue political outsider - the former host of The Apprentice, the former wrestler, the Home Alone 2 extra - who appealed to an American public that might not otherwise pay attention to politics.

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For the first time Americans have elected a president with no experience in government or military. They elected a businessman and reality TV star.

Does it diminish the dignity in presidency? Is this the future? Which male (females need not apply) reality TV star will make it to the White House in 2020?

Where's the 'off' button?

Kanye West


Divisive? Tick! Outspoken? Tick! No experience in politics? Tick! Reality TV star? He's married to the biggest one on the planet so it counts as something. Maybe it counts as everything.

Steven Avery


The star of Netflix's Making A Murder has a dodgy history with women. His criminal record will only add to the appeal. Everyone loves a bad boy, apparently.

Billy Bush


He's not a reality TV star but he's still a strong contender. The Today host was axed from NBC after the lewd and sexually offensive Trump tape was made public. In the tape, Bush was seen laughing and goading Trump through the "locker room banter". It could work in his favour. Plus, he's part of the Bush dynasty and the world is due another Bush in the White House soon.

Dennis Rodman

VIDEO: Former NBA star Dennis Rodman cries on trip to North Korea (Generated thumbnail)

Sure why not?

Hulk Hogan


A former wrestler and reality TV star just like Trump. He also has a penchant for a faux orange glow. Hello, do we have a winner here?

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